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Elica's New Tèchne Cooker Hoods: Technology And Performance For Your Kitchen

Elica's Tèchne hoods are the ultimate expression of technology and innovation at the service of those who love cooking and entertaining at home. The air-suction systems, lighting and interactivity of Elica's new Tèchne hoods respond with intelligence, simplicity and maximum efficiency to the concrete needs of everyday life in the kitchen.

Low Noise Level And High Aspiration

The high-performance, super-silent Tèchne hoods have an intake capacity of over 700 m³/h and low levels of noise - between 55 and 60 dBA at full speed. Performance and silence to ensure excellent levels of functioning and improve air quality and comfort: Elica's Tèchne hoods are the essential appliance for every kitchen.


Elica's Tèchne hoods are equipped with intelligent sensors for the recognition of the quantity of steam and the consequent self-regulation of the air suction mode: the hood recognises the cooking mode activated on the cooktop in real time and acts accordingly, adopting the optimal level of functioning in relation to the quantity of steam present.

The Filter

The new Revolution Filter is the result of Elica research. It represents a major innovation applied to the filtering of odours. The new Elica hoods with the Revolution Filter reach a filtration level of 82% compared to a market average of 60%. The new Elica hood filters have the ability to regenerate and last up to three years with some simple home maintenance. In the new Revolution Filter Elica combines high performance with ease of use in the hood.

The Lighting

The cooker hoods in the Téchne range are designed to provide alternative ways to illuminate the kitchen depending on needs, habits and lifestyle, to ensure well-being, harmony and comfort in every home. The new GK Changing function installed in the LED strip makes it possible for you to select the hood lighting by standardising it with the other light sources in the surrounding environment. It is possible to adjust the temperature of the LEDs within a range that goes from yellow light (2700 K) to white light (6000 K). The Dimmer allows you to further adjust the intensity of the hood lighting to give an even more personal touch to the atmosphere in the kitchen.

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