Cooker hoods

Cooker hoods work to remove the smoke and fumes from your environment whilst cooking and have probably the most amount of variations to choose from.

Available in different sizes, styles, finishes and extraction methods and therefore your decision is not only very important but very difficult. Your kitchen layout will make some of these decisions for you. Choose the width Hoods are available to fit all types of cookers and its best to get a hood that is the same width as your cooking hob to ensure it will work efficiently but there are no limits to what you can fit apart from the space you have. Smaller hoods are generally quieter and usually have lower extraction rates, making them ideal for compact kitchens. Larger kitchens will require a larger hood with greater extraction rates to recycle a greater volume of air.

Visor hoods

Are more traditional hoods and these are the most basic and most affordable hood on the market and work well in more compact kitchens.

Telescopic hoods

Very similar in type to the visor hood but have an extendable section for a more streamlined profile.

Canopy hoods

Are the most concealed version of extractors available and tend to reside inside an overhead carcass.

Integrated hoods

Simliar to a canopy hood but hidden behind a cupboard door, these are the most inconspicuous hoods available and remain cost effective.

Chimney hoods

Extending down from the ceiling these are visually eye-catching and more suitable for a larger kitchen due to increased extraction performance and efficency.

Island hoods

Large, stylish, eye catching and high performance these units tend to be very astetically pleasing and designer ranges are available. The only downside is they tend to be the most expensive type of hood. The hoods are designe to extract the fumes and grease whilst cooking and there are two methods available on the market.

Extraction hoods

Use an external outlet to extract the fumes from the kitchen and disperse it to the outside. They to tend to be more effective but can be noisier due to the larger motors required. Fitting requires and external outlet to be installed and therefore best kept to the professionals.

Recirculation hoods

Recirculation hoods push the air through filters that clean the air as it passes through before being reintroduced to the kitchen as cleaner air. Recirculation hoods feature a filter of some discription that can be metal, paper, or cloth, however carbon or charcoal filters are required to remove the cooking fumes.

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