Electric Solid Plate

The most basic electric hob you can buy with a price to match. These hobs are uncomplicated, hard wearing and incredibly straight-forward to use making them a wise choice for cooks working to a budget.

Electric Ceramic

Electric ceramic Ceramic hobs are the next step up the ladder and are easy to clean with a smooth glass surface which blends perfectly into contemporary kitchens. Much more efficient than gas, ceramic hobs heat the glass top which transfers the heat to the pans. They are slower to heat but for added safety often feature hot hob indicators to let you know when they're cool enough to touch.

Induction Hobs

Instead of heating the hob, Induction technology uses magnetic fields to agitate the metal in the pan, turning your cookware into the heat source. The positives are: induction hobs are just as responsive as gas but are far more efficient, only using the energy they need to heat the pans. They are safe to touch even during cooking and you can leave utensils on them without fear of melting. Spills onto induction hobs can be wiped away in seconds for the easiest cleaning option on the market. To use induction hobs you do need pans with high iron content and they're not recommended for anyone with pacemakers but, all in all, they're a supremely cool way to cook.

Gas Hobs

Are a fast and responsive way to cook. Many feature in-built safety features to put your mind at ease including auto ignition and flame safety devices to make using them safer and more hassle free.

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