You are spoilt for choice in today market and your decision may have to be based on space, so make sure you know what size machine you have room for. Front-loading are very popular and only require room to open the door but if you have limited space, a top-loading machine may be more suitable.

Combined washer dryers are particularly useful if you do not have room for two machines.

Size and speed

The loading capacity typically varies between 5kg and 11kg, with a 7kg normally enough for most families. Look at your lifestyle do you like to wash a few clothes regularly? If so then a smaller drum may be sufficient but if you have a large family or wash less frequently then a larger washer with bigger capacity will be more efficient. Remember never to overload you machine it will affect the quality of the wash.

The higher the RPM the drier the clothes at the end of the wash saving time and money if using a dryer. High spin speeds are normally selectable on machines and delicates can be washed with a lower speed program.


All washers carry an energy efficiency label including measurements for capacity, KWH, water consumption and noise emissions. All current machines normally have an energy rating of A+, although there are still older models on sale with the lower rating.

Using less electricity and water is good for both the environment and your pocket. 40C uses significantly less energy than a 60C wash although some clothes require the higher temperature.

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